Monday, October 8, 2012

ハッピーハロウィン ㊁

サクラ姫 @ xXSnowFrostXx
photographer - Selca

so after so long, I finally got this costume done to the point where I'm loving it and sick of it^^, wont have official pics yet since I have no photographer other than myself and I haven't figured out how to model and photograph at the same time^^" so here's just 2 pics of preview I guess:) whole costume made by me, horns were for nepeta but I like them better than the bat ears thing, finally got the correct wig and socks that I had planned, hopefully the shoot will be soon, before halloween:D

Sakura, all prepped for Halloween>.< I wish i had a syaoran, another thing i havent figured out how to do, cos 2 charas at once (lonely since no one will be syaoran for me:( )

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